Public trust Gwalior(M.P.)

Our Vision

Poor, Destitute and orphan Children, women, Elderly, etc. To is extremely pathetic and thinkable situation in current time in society. To create for these people's lives purposeful, pleasurable, self-sustaining, we all need to required work together. In keeping with this goal formed association.
For people education, increased knowledge and mental development will establish gratis schools and colleges by the organization. We will do established shelter for hostels, old age home, and orphan women.The free hospital and maternity home for health protection shall be established.Moral and spiritual will be organized satsang, pravachan, etc for development.This majestic virtue of the association for the success of the plan requires the cooperation of all of you.

Your associate and Request maker from the true service of humanity.

Mr. Bhanupratap Dubey
{Association Director}

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